Cost and Coverage

Haviny good health is very different from only being not sick

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Health is the greatest wealth!
Investing in good health is one of the wisest things that you can do for your quality of life. Albertans are fortunate to have access to standard healthcare without additional premiums. There are fees associated with Naturopathic Medicine. In an effort to bring clarity to the exchange of money for services, Fresh Medicine would like to communicate some options for maximizing your investment in yourself.

Naturopathic Medicine is covered by most Extended Health Care Plans!
A large percentage of the population has extended health care coverage through their employer. Often time’s people are covered by extended health care plans without being aware of it. These plans usually renew on an annual basis, meaning that most people have a certain dollar amount per year that they can use towards Naturopathic care. Please consult with your benefits coordinator to determine your coverage.

Naturopathic Medicine is Tax Deductible for Self Employed people!
If you are self-employed you can utilize a Health and Welfare Trust, recently established by the Revenue Canada Agency (CRA) Federal legislation now allows business owners to fully tax deduct 100% of their naturopathic healthcare expenses as a business expense in this trust structure. You can also write off 100% of supplement expenses as well. Please consult your accountant for more information.

Fee Schedule & Payment
Initial Visit – $250.00
Follow-up Visit – $170.00
The need for additional treatments or testing will be determined upon consultation with Dr. Heald, pricing will be outlined prior to extended services being provided.
Payment is required at the time of service. A receipt will be issued to allow you to be reimbursed by your extended health care provider, or for tax purposes.

Cancellations / Missed Appointments
The nature of Naturopathic Medicine is more in depth than other forms of medicine. This often means that a great deal of time goes into the preparation for patient visits by Dr. Heald.
If you need to change or cancel an appointment we ask that you give us 24 hours notice. This will allow us to book another patient in to that time. Our policy is to charge $50 for late cancellations and no-shows.

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